A Year in Pictures.

Yes, 2010 was full of ass-kicking moments, and we’re not afraid to share them with you. While we don’t have a (visual) record of all of these moments, the following “Top Ten” will have to do. Thanks to Chuck Norris for dreaming of a dreamy Orange Truck while kicking someone’s head off.

(Informal) Top Ten Moments of 2010, or

“A Year in Pictures.”

10. “Sweet Caroline” Sing-A-Longs at Little Italy’s Mercato. We loved our old corner at Date & State, one of our weekly parking spots. We were proud to build up an original corner of the market- as well as to arrange random sing-alongs. At the beginning people were a little shy, but it quickly became apparent to Mercato customers that they would let their hair down & sing along with us. Here’s an example, early in the summer. We’ve been busy building the vibe back up at a new spot we’ve been moved to at the market, hopefully y’all will be singing & dancing along any day now. Since we’re down a (fairly) steep hill, a “Slip & Slide” might be a nice addition.

9. Oakley Surfshop Challenge. We had a blast catering to surfers and attendees up at Seaside Reef in Cardiff. It felt great to get back to our roots (serving coffee to surfers at the beach), and cool to meet folks from Surfer Magazine (and other media). Hopefully 2011 will bring more contest spots for our Orange Truck. We’re thankful to Oakley & the many other companies that hired the Truck to come out to their events. Click HERE for more info on hiring the Truck.

8. Post Contest Paddle out at Cardiff. A perfect tide/swell combo made for La Naranja’s barrel of the day, right after the conclusion of the Oakley Surfshop Challenge. If you think short boarders get out of the way for longboarders, you’ve got to see what they do when a big Orange Truck is coming down the line at ’em.

7. Dreyfus’s Ed Asner Impersonation. If you subscribe to our Catering Newsletter you’re probably already familiar with Dreyfus, our unofficial mascot. While he has 1,000 faces (& three legs), it’s rare to catch his Ed Asner “look” on camera. Luckily we were there, and were able to share it with you. Okay, now back to the coffee.

6. Artisan Beverage Bar Catering. We offer more than just our Orange Truck, you know. 2010 brought more Organic Espresso Bars, Hot Chocolate Bars, Frozen Lemonade Bars, (and more) to a wide range of events. We offered our Hot Chocolate Bar at places like the USS Midway (Espresso Bars there, too), made Cesar Millan & his guests Frozen Lemonades, and poured thousands of beautiful lattes at weddings, conventions and other corporate and social events. We’re looking forward to all that 2011 brings in catering- and have a new tricks up our sleeves, too. Click HERE for more information on our Catered Services.

5. Joes on the Nose 3rd Birthday Party, Skateworld. For the past two years we’ve rented out Skateworld for the business’ Birthday Party. Our friends at Sweet Cheeks Baking Company made another Birthday Cake for us- this time a giant “Cup Cake.” Not only did it feature our new cup sleeves (that no one had yet seen), it was full of coffee, a unicorn, and a even a lipstick stain on the cup’s rim. It also was supremely delicious. Elaine brought hats for us to wear, and it was a full-on party. Thanks also to Sweet Cheeks for creating our stunning wedding cake- and a Dreyfus (and Paco) cake for us that was featured on TLC’s “Fabulous Cakes.”

4. Hanging out with Andrew Zimmern. We were stoked to film a segment for MSN’s “Appetite For Life”, (along with Tabe BBQ & Chef Dave De Jour). Sure, it brought even more street cred & new online customers, but it was also a hell of a good time. We had spoken to producers for quite a while about who/what to film in SD, and we’re stoked with how it all ended up. Hopefully another time we can shoot the original pitched idea (theirs, not mine) of paddling out with Andrew and giving him a surf lesson.

3. Team-Up on Food Network’s “Great Food Truck Race.” While we were pulling for them all the way, we were stoked when Misa & Jen from LA’s Nom Nom Truck pulled up next to us at the Hillcrest Farmers’ Market in April. If truth be told, we were featured in Sunset Magazine awhile back with the Nommers, and when they found out they were heading to San Diego, they looked up where we would be parked & came to straight to visit. We teamed up and (incidentally) helped them win the first day on the show. While I didn’t see our Travel Mug pop up all over the show (a gift from us (as product placement?)), I’m hoping the long interview with yours truly will show up on the DVD someday- which includes my long-winded thesis about Food Trucks. Follow the Nom Nom Truck on Twitter. See a quick clip of our appearance HERE.

2. Halloween. Not only is this a day that fully embraces our favorite color, it makes all sorts of crazy things happen. We were open through the holiday weekend, but had to stop pulling shots when the Orange Mothership reappeared above our Truck at the Hillcrest Farmers’ Market. James & I (pictured here) were pretty excited to see El Super Naranja show up at the Market to bring us home. Unfortunately after waiting on a few lines (and eating a dozen paninis from Seb’s & trays of cookies from The Cravory), a food coma set in & they returned to our home galaxy, far, far away. Without us.

1. Hanging out in a Big Orange Organic Coffee Truck. As much as I love all of you, I really dig kicking back and drinking a really good cup of joe with my fellow baristi. Thankfully, our barista staff does, too- and it’s been great hanging out with them. Whether catering or selling at a local Farmers’ Market or festival, we’re all here to have a good time. With you. Well, and to make you a bitchin’ cup of joe.

All the best to you, have a happy, safe, and super awesome 2011. Thanks for all!

Ciao for now,
David & the “Joes on the Nose” Barista Staff

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